Choc Mousse Ice-Cream

Choc Mousse Ice-cream

This cold dessert masks itself as a chocolate indulgence but is really a bowl full of healthy nutrients your bodies will love – this is my number one sweet treat for my kids who absolutely love it – it’s a win-win in our house!


  • 150g Raw Cashews
  • 350g Ice Cubes
  • 100g Pitted Dates (average 9 Medjool)
  • Baby Spinach – handful (optional but highly recommended as you can’t tell – I promise!)
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Bean Paste (or extract)
  • 30g Raw Cacao Powder (or cocoa)
  • Flesh of 1 ripe Avocado (optional)
  • Buckinis, Coconut Chips or Berries to serve



  1. Grind the cashews in a blender on high for 10-15 seconds  (THERMOMIX ‘TM’ SPEED 9 FOR 10 SECONDS)
  2. Add ice, dates & English spinach – blend on high for approx. 20 seconds (TM SPEED 9 FOR 20 SECONDS)
  3. Scrape down blender/bowl with spatula; add vanilla & cacao & mix on high for 30 seconds (TM GRIND ON SPEED 9 FOR 30 SECONDS)
  4. The mixture can be a little bit lumpy – especially if using dried dates instead of medjool. Scrape the bowl/blender with the spatula and keep on blending on high until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy – it can take another minute or two.
  5. Scrape down bowl and add avocado – (this is optional, but can make the mixture extra creamy).
  6. When ready to eat, top with berries, coconut chips or berries.



You can add on your daily probiotic when eating.

You can substitute other nuts if short on cashews – I have used almonds also.

You can freeze this for later – half frozen, it tastes amazing…. if you freeze until it is solid, you will need to thaw it out again prior to re-serving as the ice can harden – re-blend if you wish.

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