Iced Herbal Tea

On these hot summer days when I needed to cool down and hydrate I made a huge jug of ice tea.


  • Herbal tea leaves or tea bag/s
  • Teapot infuser or coffee plunger
  • Ice
  • Flavourings – mint, lemon, rose petals, orange, pineapple.. this list is endless…


  1. Brew your favourite herbal tea in the teapot infuser or coffee plunger and allow to cool
  2. Add a tray of ice to your pouring jug together with your preferred flavourings
  3. Pour in cooled tea over ice and flavourings, stir and ENJOY
  4. Seriously – that’s it!


Healthy, hydrating and so refreshing and the non-caffeinated teas are perfect for the kids too.