The Hardest Meal of the Day!

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Which meal do you think most people find is the hardest to prepare and cook during the day?


Yes, crazy as that sounds, that is the meal most people struggle with (a healthy breakie that is, we are not talking about flipping the lid off a cereal box and throwing some milk and sugar on top.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO….).

Breakfast is a meal that many actually write-off as not even being a meal time saying:

  • I’m too busy
  • I’m too stressed
  • I have no time
  • I’m not hungry

The deal is…

Breakfast is reeeeeeally important! Especially if you want to avoid the 3pm crash and sugar binges.

Overnight your body is fasting and doing some AMAZING work. – healing, repairing, growing, detoxifying etc. After such a huge job, by the morning your body is possibly dehydrated and your metabolism has slowed riiiight down.  It is now time to replenish and fill up for a great day ahead.  Start the day right and you are setting yourself up for every best chance to stick to your healthy plans (i.e. not grabbing that muffin the size of a house by 10.30 and not requiring 16 coffees or 8 Red Bulls to give you energy)..

Hot Tip 1 – Get the juices flowing!

A good old Naturopathic nugget is: upon rising, make a glass of warm/tepid water and squeeze ¼ of a fresh lemon into it and drink. This is suggested to get those digestive juices flowing, help the old liver out and providing a smidge of alkalising whilst it’s on the way down.  By the time you are dressed and spruced up, your appetite should hopefully be switched on and you’ll be salivating for your delicious culinary delights you have ready (see below).  To get even more of a great start drink your lemon water in the morning sunshine – this will help boost your circadian clock to get your body started.

Hot Tip 2 – Coffee must wait!

Eat before or with your morning coffee.  Coffee can suppress your appetite especially when consumed without food and can mess around with your blood sugar levels making you jittery, NEEDING sugar Stat!  (P.S. Not a great way to start the day….) With food or after food is the GO.  Coffee can mask as an artificial energy source so you may find your intake is reduced by using food as energy instead.

Hot Tip 3 – Be Prepared!


Did I mention to be prepared?  This is the secret to a successful wholesome breakfast no matter what it is.

This can mean that you pre-prepare your weekly breakfasts in one or two sessions – ideas may include:

  • Savoury frittata or quiche (pre-make in bulk, freeze and re-heat when you get up, by the time you are dressed it’s ready)
  • Chia Puddings
  • Eggs, Avocado & Salmon or sourdough
  • Granola
  • Smoothie (milk, banana, berries, seeds, yoghurt)
  • Savoury mince & vegies
  • Fish, broth & veges (Asian style)
  • Juice (carrot, apple, cucumber, ginger & mint), perfect for those ‘non-breakfast eaters’ but you should add a protein source with it ie. a handful of nuts or a boiled egg.

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